Do Nothing Floatation Centre Inc.

"In the Heart of Invermere"

Do Nothing Floatation Centre and in-house RESONATE Organic Juicery, are located in Invermere BC Canada! Nutritional Consultations, Hellerwork Massage, Floatation Tanks, Energy Healing Work, local organic produce, workshops and good vibes!

Float tank (aka floatation tank, sensory deprivation tank, or isolation tank): A tank filled with water that contains enough Epsom Salts mixed in to allow a person to float on the surface. The water is kept at skin-temperature, making it imperceptible. The tank is soundproof and pitch-black, creating a place for our bodies to be free from gravity and all stimulation from the outside world.

Hundreds of research studies have begun referring to what was once known as sensory deprivation as REST Therapy (Reduced Environmental Stimulus Technique/Therapy).

At Do Nothing Floatation Centre Inc., we have two custom float rooms! Designed by us with the input from Float Dreams, industry veterans and life long float advocates.  While our float beds are enclosed to maintain consistent conditions during floating, they feel open and spacious with glass steam doors and glass block elegance. 

Your float spa experience will come complete with:

- Floating relaxes you into theta brainwaves and creates a powerful super learning environment whether listening to your own music, ambient relaxing sounds, language learning tracks, guided meditations to improve your golf game, quit smoking or quiet meditation to your own thoughts.

 - Your choice of complete restful darkness, or the comfort of soft LED lights, closing the steam door or leaving it open.

One of the most interesting things about floating is that the effects last for days after the float, and the more often you float the longer they last. The following information is taken from over 200 research articles containing both lab experiments and case studies, published between the 1960’s and the present.

Magnesium Sulfate AKA "Epsom Salts"
While used primarily in the float tank to make people float, Epsom salt comes with the added benefit of:

- Inducing relaxation created by absorbing Epsom salt (Magnesium Sulfate).
- Softening skin and hair
- Cleansing and detoxifying the body (think: lactic acid after a big hike!)
- Magnesium (which many of us are lacking) is best absorbed through the skin. Not to worry though, your body easily flushes the water soluble magnesium out through urination and will only promote ‘regularity’ if you get more than you need!

Benefits of Gravity Reduction:

With the effects of gravity reduced by 80% while floating, the body is free from the usual stimulus. Freeing up mental and physical resources allows our bodies to spend its efforts on resting, recuperating, and healing anything that needs attention. In addition to this, the gravity-reduced environment allows our body to decompress, especially in the joints and spine.

Injury Recovery due to gravity reduction:

- Expediting healing in broken bones and sprained joints
- Relief from back and neck pain / spinal alignment
- Structural alignment
- Physical rehabilitation
- Arthritis
- Scoliosis
- Fibromyalgia
Recent  studies with Fibromyalgia sufferers, found substantial decrease in pain while floating and improvement from float to float.

Athletic Training:

- Float tanks have been used by Olympians and famous athletes around the world since the 80’s
- Lactic acid reduction means you can recover more quickly after intense training.
- Improved reaction time
- Powerful visualization tool
- Floating regularly, reduces stress and tension, making athletes less likely to suffer injury
- Injuries are shown to heal up to 2x as fast while floating and is an ideal treatment to pair with physiotherapy


Floating In Pregnancy:

- Pregnant women are some of the most satisfied float clients, flipping onto the stomach takes the baby’s weight off the mother’s body giving a deeply appreciated rest
- Deep connection with unborn child is felt by many mothers while floating. This has been suggested to contribute to less fear and potentially easier labor.


Strengthened Immune System and Creativity:

- The abundance of resources freed up while floating allows our body to reallocate energy boosting of immunity during and after a float and gives us a rest from ‘fight or flight’ stimulus we are so used to suppressing while bombarded by blinking advertisements, speeding cars, and honking horns.
- Our fight-or-flight regulates many of the hormones associated with stress, including adrenaline and cortisol. When our fight-or-flight goes dormant, the production of these hormones drops, allowing  relaxation on a cellular level.
- The feelings of safety created while floating trigger our brains to start pumping out dopamine, a neurochemical used by our body to reward us with pleasure
- The float beds give us an extended period of time in the Theta state! Humans spend most of their waking day in Beta and Alpha brainwave states (high frequency brainwaves associated with high-functioning logical thinking and action). As we sink into our REM sleep, we go into what’s known as the Delta state. Theta state is the in-between state with a frequency of 4-8 Hz, experienced briefly upon drifting to sleep and waking. (Fun fact: The natural frequency of the earth is 7 Hz!)
- Practiced meditation, peak performance during vigorous activity (e.g. Runner’s High) and children all predominately live in the Theta state. From ages 2 to 6 our primary mental activity is done in Theta. Many people have flashbacks to early childhood memories in the float beds  as a result of this.
- Theta waves are generated primarily from the right hemisphere of our brain, therefore float beds are amazing at enhancing creativity, inspiration, and non-linear thought.
- Our usually dominant “Type A” left hemisphere falls into the background. This allows people to let go of the noisy brain chatter within.
- From the research that has been done, scientists have come to know the Theta state as a place of healing, rest, and emotional rejuvenation.

Stress and Pain relief:

As much as 90% of ailments arise from our bodies not being able to return to their comfortable homeostasis. Stress relief comes almost instantly from floating, and gets stronger and lasts longer the more you float. Regular float sessions can help alleviate all of the following:
- Hypertension
- Apoplexy or Stroke (related to hypertension)
- Coronary heart disease
- Ulcers
- Migraine or tension headaches
- Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis
- Depression
- Burn out syndrome
- Fertility issues
- Temporomandibular (TMJ) Syndrome


As you can see....if you are a human just might benefit from floating ;)