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Do Nothing Floatation Centre and in-house RESONATE Organic Juicery, are located in Invermere BC Canada! Nutritional Consultations, Hellerwork Massage, Floatation Tanks, Energy Healing Work, local organic produce, workshops and good vibes!


Hellerwork is an integrative massage discipline that views the body, mind and spirit as important parts within the whole.  Hellerwork is a holistic therapy that combines advanced knowledge of anatomy with a deep understanding about how our emotions and traumas manifest as stress patterns in the body. Your Hellerwork practitioner will provide deep tissue massage to align the physical body, a dialog component to facilitate awareness of emotions associated with physical holding patterns and movement lessons to  empower and support towards  permanent change.

Ideally, Hellerwork is a trans-formative series of 11 sessions. It is a technique that develops lasting change towards a more functional physical alignment, increase in pain management or alleviation of pain and greater ease in the body, mind and spirit.

Hellerwork aims to create balance as an ever changing flux, not as a constant and fixed ideal. By systematically working through the sessions in an ordered sequence, the body is organized along the line of gravity, a process and purpose of which is to renew the individual’s awareness to the greater realm within which they live, interact and express themselves.

Hellerwork can treat:
- Posture
- Flexibility
- Ergonomics
- Breathing
- Tension
- Stress
- Trauma
- Joint Pain
- Fibromyalgia
- Scoliosis
- Headaches
- Repetitive Stress Conditions

Although any amount of Hellerwork will have positive effects on health, it is recommended to be done using the entire body aligning series of 11 sessions. The full overhaul or tune up creates the maximum benefit to the individuals sense of ease in their world. If you would like more information about Hellerwork, please visit

We have many customizable options to complement your Hellerwork treatments and create your personalized wellness plan! Ask us how we can design a program tailored just for you!