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Do Nothing Floatation Centre and in-house RESONATE Organic Juicery, are located in Invermere BC Canada! Nutritional Consultations, Hellerwork Massage, Floatation Tanks, Energy Healing Work, local organic produce, workshops and good vibes!

Holistic Nutrition takes into account the person as a whole. Modern medicine tends to focus on a cure for a symptom or chronic condition. In such cases, the problem has most likely been developing for awhile. With holistic nutrition, a recovery plan can be implemented as well as a lifestyle change to support optimal health and avoiding future issues. By considering all aspects of an individual's life, a nutritionist is able to customize a nutrition plan that really works for the individual.

Some areas that holistic nutrition focus on are:
- Natural and organic foods
- Identifying obstacles that create unhealthy eating habits
- Creating simple, easy menus
- Developing customized, holistic diet
- Interpreting the benefits of supplements
- Addressing chronic health conditions with holistic nutrition
- Educating the individual about the real difference whole, organic, natural food does make and why

How do you know a Holistic Nutritionist is right for you?
- You're ready to stop the endless cycle of diets and deprivation
- You would like to be shown a customized plan to release extra pounds, get more energy and glow from within
- You would like the inside scoop on what it means to eat fresh, real food
- You would like to eat "better" but you don't know where to begin



Erin is an expert nutritionist with over a decade of experience who will work with you from where you are today and coach you to achieve the incredible results you have never been able to accomplish on your own.  It is time to take control and transform your life. Time to create the healthy, energetic, beautiful, and vibrant life you deserve. By taking the step to learn more about what it means to make good food choices, you are saying yes to the life you are meant to have.


Empowering you to nourish yourself sexy, release those extra pounds and feel your absolute best through optimal whole food nutrition. - In glowing health, Erin


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