Do Nothing Floatation Centre Inc.

"In the Heart of Invermere"

Do Nothing Floatation Centre and in-house RESONATE Organic Juicery, are located in Invermere BC Canada! Nutritional Consultations, Hellerwork Massage, Floatation Tanks, Energy Healing Work, local organic produce, workshops and good vibes!

What is Pranic Energy Healing?
Pranic Energy Healing is an ancient, holistic, no-touch method of treating physical, emotional and mental imbalances using PRANA - The Universal Life Force, sing 11 major and minor chakras in addition to the countless other supplementary energy centers within our bodies. Also known as "CHI" in Chinese and "KI" in Japanese, Prana is the source of energy used in Pranic Energy Healing to balance, harmonize and nourish the body's energy processes. This highly evolved and tested system of energy medicine was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui, a chemical engineer whose scientific interest in the body's bio-electric magnetic field, known as the aura or bio-plasmic body and its corresponding energy centers (also known as chakras) led him to formulate an acute healing system that could easily be understood and applied.
In the Pranic Energy Healing tradition, it is believed that all dis-ease, tension or physical ailments of the body are first caused by an imbalance in the energy body before manifesting and showing itself into form as an imbalance in the physical body. It is for these reasons that Pranic Energy Healing is based in techniques that extensively focus on thorough, initial cleansing of the energy body first and then re-energizing to encourage the most thriving conditions for the physical body to heal, as it is believed that the body is an infinitely healing entity.
How does Pranic Energy Healing work?
We all have a bio-plasmic energy field surrounding our bodies, also known as our aura. This bio-plasmic field was first photographed by an electrical engineer in 1939, a technology known as Kirlian photography today. This technology allowed our energy field to become visible to the naked eye as discoveries were made of different energy centers (also known as chakras) in the physical body. Many of these energy centers are the same meridian points used in acupuncture to relieve tension and pressure and it is through these points that energy travels within the body, produced and dispersed by these internal powerhouses.
Not only do these chakras produce and facilitate healthy energy for different areas of the body such as our muscles, bones and internal organs, they were also used in ancient times to support our emotional, mental and spiritual well being. Different energy centers were found to be deeply affected by various energetic and emotional imbalances and consequently affecting our physical body. By using energy centers and receptors in our hands, Pranic Energy Healers can physically sense and feel stagnant or weak energy without the need to have physical contact with the body in any form.  In this way, we can detect and cleanse any energy that no longer serves the physical, emotional or mental energy body and re-energize each energy point with freshly renewed and revitalized energy

Benefits of Pranic Energy Healing
-Release of stress, anxiety and pressure
-Clarity of thought and ease of emotions
-Cleansing of negative energy absorbed from others and harsh situations/environments
-Extraction and disintegration of negative thought entities/thought forms, psychic attacks and negative psychic energies that -chew through our energy centers while feeding off of our stress, trauma, frustration, fear, depression, anxiety etc.
-Internal Organs Cleanse including detoxification of liver, spleen and kidneys to boost immune system
-Cleansing and regeneration of blood and lungs for optimal physical vitality and health
-Sealing of all tears and holes within energy centers created by negative entities/energies.
-Cleansing, re-energizing and balancing of chakras and Prana (Universal Life Force)
-Cutting and healing of unauthorized negative cords from past trauma, relationships and unhealthy experiences that lead to -blocked and stagnant energy
-Energetic Aura and Chakra shields to assist in maintaining your physical, mental and emotional healing