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For active, healthy eating individuals, a juice only cleanse is a refreshing and light way to increase energy, take a break from heavy foods or weed out a bad eating habit before it roots too deeply. A juice only cleanse is also optimal for an end of winter reboot for the system,  a reprieve from hectic life to meditate and set intentions or to refresh when your body is naturally saying it doesn't need as many calories as you have been consuming.

Benefits of Detoxifying

Modern life exposes us to a multitude of toxins every day, from food, water, our environment and the natural waste products of metabolism.  When functioning optimally, our bodies naturally release these toxins through the skin, liver, kidneys, lungs, and intestines. Raw juice helps support this process, giving the organs the specific nutrients and compounds they need to properly and safely break down, neutralize and release toxins while still providing the nutrients and energy we need.  A headache, muscle aches, fatigue and mild stomach upset are common symptoms experienced while the body is processing stored toxins.  Drinking plenty of filtered water, dry brushing, warm Epsom Salt baths, rebounding and making sure you are drinking enough juice at frequent intervals can help ease discomfort.  

Get Fresh! Juice, Juice Cleanse Packages:

1 Day Juice Cleanse

For those new to cleansing and interested in trying it for the first time. Our customizable options allow you to choose a softer introductory combination of juices. If you are unsure of the cleanse option best suited for your needs, we invite you to speak with any of our dedicated Juice Ambassadors. This option is great to add a burst of LOVE to your body, to thank it for being yours and to gift it with a bath of nutrients for an after-weekend rest or a day spent in meditation.

3 Day Juice Cleanse

Best suited for those who want to go more deeply into the cleansing process. With a wider range of customizable options available, you have increased control over the level of detox right for you. This package is for individuals who want to reboot their bodies' craving for fresh, healthy foods, especially after holidays, seasonally and during times of increased stress or recovery. Our desire is to create a juice package tailored to your specific needs. We look forward to going over options with you.


What is included in my Cleanse Package?

Whether choosing our 1 or 3 day cleanse package, you will receive 6 - 12oz servings per day as follows: 4 cold pressed juices, 1 choice of nut milk and either 1 Sunrise Lemonade or a wellness tea.

We personally step you through our Juice Cleanse Order Form, making sure you are familiar with the blends available to you as well as the reasons one might chose each option. We are happy to customize packages with special considerations regarding sensitivities and allergies.

We will ask for your email address so we can send you inspirational emails, and support information. If you prefer not to provide an email address, you will still get the same great information in printed format.

We offer weekly sign up for our cleanses, with Sunday morning pick up starting at 9am. If you have a group interested in cleansing together, we extend pre-booked custom pick up times with a one week notice prior to your intended start date.

Are juices the answer for miracle DETOX?

Organic juice cleanses can provide a rest from processed foods, empty calories, nitrate GMOs and chemicals found in non-organic foods. Enzyme and nutrient rich cold pressed juices deliver pure and highly beneficial micro-nutrients: protein, carbohydrates, fats, salt and H20. There is no solid food matter to be digested during a juice cleanse, so your system gets well-needed down time. Energy then has an opportunity to be directed to heal and restore your body’s optimum health.

While we offer 1 and 3 day options, true detox takes anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks. This will involve some mixed physical experiences, both good and bad. Advanced cleanses should be done slowly in conjunction with raw foods and periodically even some steamed vegetables, soups and brown rice to slow the detox process down. We do not offer advanced cleanse options at this time. Extended periods of liquid only consumption do not offer the body all of the essential things it needs. Juices are very low in calories and are not sustaining in the long term. If you are interested in making some new and more positive strides towards a healthier you, we invite you to speak with our in house Holistic Nutritionists!

There can be serious health issues for people with pre-existing conditions. However, it can be a life transforming experience if done intelligently. Preparing our bodies before a fast is essential. Cutting out alcohol, caffeine, unhealthy fats, refined sugars, carbohydrates, processed foods, meats and dairy prior to fasting can eliminate a crisis reaction and help to transition smoothly. Many people throughout history have fasted just with water. We believe juice to be a better option which can accomplish a similar end. There may highs and lows during a fast as it can be extremely emotional, physically challenging, euphoric and transcendent.

Fasting is done by humans and animals alike. "The history of fasting can't have a beginning point because there's no reason to think that early man did not fast in the normal course of his existence; every other animal, even today, will fast during times of stress or illness, and sometimes even at the slightest uneasiness. It is a natural tendency for the organism, whether human or animal, to seek rest, balance, and to conserve energy at critical times." - From History of Fasting

Please make an informed decision regarding your personal choice to "juice cleanse" !

Some suggestions from Holistic Nutritionist Erin Luyendyk, RHN:

    Rebuild Your Health by Dr. Ann Wigmore
    Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine by Dr. Gabriel Cousins
    80:10:10 by Dr. Douglas Graham

    Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
    Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2
    Food Matters
    Hungry for Change
    Super Juice Me

Juicing Precautions:
Please consult your doctor if you are taking any medications.

Juice cleansing are contraindicated for those taking blood thinners, chemotherapy, diuretics, long term steroids or diabetic medications. Please consult your doctor if you have any health conditions.

Diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, oxalate kidney stones, anorexia nervosa, immunosuppression, mitochondrial disease or significant weight loss/cachexia due to cancer, AIDS, serious infections and other serious diseases are contraindicated for a juice cleanse.  Many still benefit from adding specific fresh, raw juices to a healthy, balanced diet but should speak with their doctor first.

While it is usually ok to drink fresh juice in addition to a healthy, balanced diet while pregnant or breastfeeding, it is not the time to detoxify or undertake a full juice fast.

We do not diagnose or treat illness. Please do your research from outside sources and consult a doctor prior to attempting a juice fast or cleanse.

Get Fresh Juice! does not make claims to cure or heal throughjuice cleanses. We are not selling weightloss or fad programs.

We aim to keep the cleanest of food preparation facilities. However, our juices are unpasteurized and harmful bacteria may still be present causing illness in some individuals. This is the same risk you take if you juice or eat at home or go out for a meal at a high end establishment.

People on prescription medication should not attempt a cleanse as medications may be amplified by a cleaner digestive system.

Extremely toxic people should not attempt a cleanse for longer than three days without the supervision of a doctor.

We do handle nuts onsite and advise that if you have a severe allergy to nuts to avoid our juices. Although we keep high standards of cleanliness, cross contamination can occur.

Those with pancreatic issues should speak with a doctor prior to consuming juices.

Those with diabetes are strongly advised to speak with a doctor prior to consuming juices. The sugars naturally occurring are of special importance.