Do Nothing Floatation Centre Inc.

"In the Heart of Invermere"

Do Nothing Floatation Centre and in-house RESONATE Organic Juicery, are located in Invermere BC Canada! Nutritional Consultations, Hellerwork Massage, Floatation Tanks, Energy Healing Work, local organic produce, workshops and good vibes!

Welcome to your first float!

Please come in a few minutes early to fill out a wellness info card and a quick optional survey. This information is kept confidential and is never shared. We ask simple questions about any medical history, past or current injuries and any other conditions we should be aware of.
Your host will collect your information and provide you with fresh, clean towels and a robe. They will then take you to your private floatation room, which contains a shower, a change area and a small vanity with mirror. You will be given  a short overview about how to prepare for your float.

Before you begin

Before you step into the float spa, we ask that you shower with the biodegradable cleanser provided and labelled in the shower dispenser. Please wash any natural oils, hair styling products and make-up off completely. Next you need to carefully dry your face and hairline to prevent water from tickling your face while in the float spa. If you touch your face with salty hands, the salt may irritate your eyes and your float  will not be as enjoyable. There will be a spritz bottle and dry cloth hanging just inside the float spa door in case some of the salt does come in contact with your eyes or if you wish to dry your face further. There will  be a complimentary neck support pillow to use if you find your head feels too heavy or if there is any pressure on your neck that distracts you from relaxing fully. Our washrooms are located outside of the float rooms and will be pointed out to you before your float. Please use the robe provided if you need to leave your room during your session to use the washroom.


Once inside the Float Spa

Our float beds are equipped with LED lights that you can leave on if you'd like or for a full sensory reduced experience, you may switch them off entirely. Likewise, the door to the float bed is glass and you are welcome to leave it wide open, slightly open or  closed completely to provide the utmost buffer to the outside world. To further enhance the experience of reduced sensory stimulus, we will provide you with ear plugs. Our float beds are sound proofed as are the float rooms themselves, however many people say they feel more comfortable with ear plugs in place. For your  convenience you will find an intercom just inside the float bed, should  you wish to contact the front desk.

How will you know when your session is over?

Towards the end of your session the float spa filtration system will begin to cycle, signalling your session has come to an end. You will then make your way out of the float spa and shower off with the shampoo and body wash labelled within the shower dispensers. There is a mirror and small counter available to use for hair and make-up as desired. A basket is provided for wet towels.

After your float

We welcome you to enjoy our lounge nestled at the back of the treatment area, for as long as you would like. When you book your float, you will be given the opportunity to pre-order a specialty tea or fresh juice or smoothie from our RESONATE TM Organic Juicery menu so that you may have something delicious waiting for you to enjoy after your float as you continue to relax in our lounge.. Take time to quietly integrate your float experience or chat softly with others who may have just floated. The float experience is like none other. From float to float they differ and we find that people often plan to be at Do Nothing for an additional half hour or more to enjoy the after float vibe!


From time to time we offer float combo packages with body and energy work,  fresh juice, yoga and discounts on workshops and performances. We have memberships that are designed to give regular stress reduction support to your busy life or plans that are customizable so that you just may never leave! If you don't see anything that works perfectly for you, please contact us with your requests and suggestions! Come in and chat, we would love to customize your experience! If you have it all under control and want to secure your spot right now, please visit our online bookings. You can find a link to subscribe to our regular email updates and specials here!