Do Nothing Floatation Centre Inc.

"In the Heart of Invermere"

Do Nothing Floatation Centre and in-house RESONATE Organic Juicery, are located in Invermere BC Canada! Nutritional Consultations, Hellerwork Massage, Floatation Tanks, Energy Healing Work, local organic produce, workshops and good vibes!

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"  -Wayne Dyer

Welcome to your first Intuitive Energy Healing session!

We ask that you arrive a few minutes before your scheduled Intuitive Energy session to fill out a quick intake form. This information is kept confidential and is never shared. This provides an opportunity to go over the specific reasons you have come in for Intuitive Energy Work and which areas will be of focus in your initial   session.

You will be guided to a peaceful and tranquil treatment room, where you will meet your practitioner and be able to ask any questions you may have.

Your treatment session

As your session begins,  Amanda will ask you to let her know if you are comfortable, need water or if youhave anything to bring up as the session proceeds. If you desire a specific focus, she will address the areas you have requested, and assess the effects the experience has on the rest of your energetic alignment. If at any time you have a preference for room temperature, lighting, or music, please feel entitled to communicate these!

Each session is tailored to the individual, a overview from Amanda:
 - I connect with your angels and guides to assist you in moving forward, towards your true authentic self and purpose driven path
- throughout the session I hold you in a divinely supported healing space
- cleanse, realign, repair, balance and re-energize chakras and auric field
- bring energetic, physical, emotional bodies back into alignment and balance to regain your power
- re-connection with self, higher self, and spirit guides

-I take you through various energetic exercises, creative visualizations, and guided
meditations to begin building new tools to illuminate a new path forward
- support your ability to confront that which holds you back and ignite your soul so that you feel empowered to open the door and strut through towards a happier, freer, more passionate you
- identifying underlying patterns of behavior/old mindsets holding you back, confronting, healing and releasing them
- calming the monkey mind


Upon completion

Once you are ready to leave the room, you will be offered a glass of water and given the option to integrate your massage by relaxing in our lounge. You will be instructed to ensure that you drink additional water the day of and after your session to flush out toxins released from your body in response to any "letting go" of old energy stored withing your cells.

When you book your treatment, you will be given the opportunity to pre-order a specialty tea, fresh juice or smoothie from our RESONATE TM Organic Juicery menu so that you may have something delicious waiting for you to enjoy after your session as you continue to relax in our lounge.


If you or someone you love would benefit from a life changing session with Amandawe welcome you drop in and speak with us or contact us   to go over your specific situation. If you would prefer to book your session at this time, please do so here: online bookings. You can find a link to subscribe to our regular email updates and specials here!